Commemorating for the creative thinking and inordinate innovation on the platform of National Importance, identifying, devising and canvassing the prevalent problems by analysing information, acquiring knowledge and proposing solutions in order to invigorate the ideation process among budding engineers was the intrinsic aim of SRAJANĀ“13.

The programme was held on 2nd - 3rd March, 2013. The contest received entries from a range of disciplines in electronics, electrical and computer science from all across the India and included projects like Electronic Knee Brace, Magnetic Levitation Control for Windmill Turbine and award-winning EMG Controlled Four DoF Prosthetic Finger.

Srajan13 Team
Srajan Project
Srajan Project

Apart from the project exhibition, a series of guest lectures and workshops on Python Programming and Low Power Embedded Systems using Texas Instruments MSP430 were also organised which attracted students from all over India. As lecturers Mr. Jeff Lieberman, Mr. N.K.Goyal, Dr. Aloknath De, Pradeepto Bhattacharya and Mr.Narendhra Babu M were invited to give students a glimpse of industrial knowledge and practical applications.