IEEE MANIT Student Branch organizes various events within the college itself. We introduce the latest technologies and developments in the fields of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science Engineering to students by means of workshops and seminars.

Technosearch’17 Guest Lecture Series

An enlightening lecture was delivered by the Bonafide technocrats, Mr. Bramhanand Reddy and Mr. Chandraseker Nageneni, Senior managers, Crompton Greaves on 14th October 2017 at G9 in the Electronics and communication department, MANIT.

This was followed by a meet and interact session with the Virtuoso of industry, Mr. Prabhakar Sukumaran, Business manager at GE HealthCare, thus helping the students to enter into realm of technology and unveil the extraordinary world of Science and telecommunication.


IEEE MANIT Student Branch organised a Guest Lecture by Sunil K.Prasad, Digital Director, Cognizant on 28th January 2018 at Energy Centre, MANIT. This was a platform for the students to interact with him and learn from his knowledge and experience. Having an exemplary profile including technical and leadership aspects of Design, Business Development, Administration, Coding, Consulting and Product Management, he helped the students to explore their interests.

The Lecture was based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He motivated the students to discuss, interact, and ask questions. There was an overwhelming response from the students. IEEE MANIT STUDENT BRANCH strives to conduct similar events to disseminate awareness among students and bridge the gap between industry and budding engineers.

National Programming League

National Programming League brings out the best amongst the top programmers of the country, with enhanced cash prize. This event is primarily organized by IEEE Student Branch NIT Warangal and it encompasses of four rounds with increasing difficulty levels as one qualify rounds.

programming league

IEEE SB MANIT in collaboration with NIT Warangal successfully conducted the preliminary round of NPL on 26th August 2013 and also in the consecutive year on 5th September 2014. The purpose of this collaboration was to foster competitive spirit amongst the students and bring out the best coders from the college.

Eureka 2015

Eureka was organized on 1st February 2015 to encourage the first year undergraduates to use their simple science concepts and apply them to make working models from simple household items. Many innovative projects were received like water level indicator,gravity sensor, electricity generation from magnetic force, etc.


HTML CSS Workshop

A workshop was conducted on Web Design concepts like HTML, CSS, JavaScript on 19th and 20th September 2015.As these concepts are the basics of Web Design and many students faced difficulties in the same, we organized this workshop in order to provide a platform for students to interact with seniors and learn and clear their doubts.


It was a two days’ workshop and received enormous participation from the students. The course of the workshop was divided into 4 sessions and in the end of each session a quiz was given to the participants to test the skills they learnt.

IEEE Seminar - How to write a Research Paper?

How to write a Research Paper? A common question by many undergraduates. Our aim to conduct this seminar was to provide students a structured way to write research papers. We provided extensive information from basics like how to begin writing a research paper to applying it in different formats and getting it published in different journals or presenting it in conferences. This seminar was conducted in Students Activity Centre in NIT Bhopal on 3rd October 2015. It was followed by a questionnaire round so that the students can interact and clear their doubts in this subject.