Continuing their efforts for the betterment of the society, the IEEE Students Branch of MANIT organized AARAMBH-2015. AARAMBH is the social educational initiative undertaken by the students of MANIT under the auspices of IEEE MANIT Students' branch. The essence of Aarambh is to foster knowledge sharing among underprivileged students who are deprived of quality education.

Aarambh has attained new heights this year by receiving the Darrel Chong Students Activity Award in 2011 and got published in the " The IEEE Region Ten Newsletter" , March 2012.

AARAMBH was conducted on 21st and 22nd August in Kamla Nehru Girls' S.S School and on 24th August in Sarojini Naidu Girls' School. Over 100 students were addressed by 15 IEEE members with the objective of imparting knowledge about basic science principles. The members demonstrated inexpensive out-of-box exhibits which included homopolar motor, security system, reflection phenomena, manual bot and climbing butterfly.

The homopolar motor which is a simple DC motor based on Lorentz magnetic force can be easily made using household supplies. The security system was made using a combination of laser light and LDR. The concept was quite simple, as someone crosses the lights, an alarm runs to indicate unauthorized presence.

The manual-bot attracted the attention of the students and introduced to them the concept of robotics. The 9th and 10th standard students were explained the basic concepts of force and light with the help of the climbing butterfly and phenomena of light models respectively.


These innovative teaching aids were made keeping in mind their easy to make nature, low cost and relation with day to day happenings. The models were selected keeping in mind the syllabus of the students and their interests so that the session becomes fruitful and interactive involving maximum student participation. This was followed by a stimulating career counselling session to motivate young minds to get accelerated towards their goal and getting them acquainted with the numerous career opportunities existing in the field of science. The aim is to promote science as a subject of creative thinking and its involvement in our daily lives.

The student members were welcomed with full zeal by the kids. Also, the teachers and principals of these schools appreciated this novel programme and congratulated the office bearers of IEEE MANIT Students' Branch for this ambitious activity.