AARAMBH 2013 - Commemorating Engineer´s Day

The goal of Aarambh is to develop a ´You can do it !´ spirit among school children from less privileged families, and foster encouragement for purposeful life.This ambitious activity by the student members of IEEE MANIT Students Branch, has been initiated on very comprehensive objectives, with the purpose of not to change the world but to include youth in social humanitarian tasks for their own personality development, at the same time serving society by rendering their basic science and engineering skills to develop low-cost science teaching aids for children.

IEEE MANIT Student Members, by involving in this novel activity render their technical skills and creativity to help underprivileged children by interacting with them, teaching them and inspiring them. Engineering students make innovative projects to teach basic science in everyday life concepts with waste materials and scratch which is easily available in any household.

Models to be demonstrated were carefully selected keeping in mind that they can relate it with day to day happenings and can understand easily and can ignite a fire in their mind i.e, to make models which were simple, could be easily understood and cost effective.


This year, AARAMBH was conducted on 2nd and 3rd September in KAMLA NEHRU HIGHER SECONDARY GIRLS SCHOOL and NUTAN SUBHASH BOYS SCHOOL.With a keen observation of their syllabus, it is inferred that by std. 9th or 10th, they are familiar with the topics such as electricity, electromagnetism, magnetism, buoyancy, light etc. By this knowledge of their syllabus and interest of students our team made five projects - A simple handpump, Van de Graaff Generator, Kaleidoscope, Paper speakers, Electroscope.

The demonstartion of the projects was followed by a stimulating career counselling session to motivate young minds to get accelerated towards their goal and getting them acquainted with the numerous career opportunities existing in the field of science.

The invigorating response from the students and teachers of the school is indeed a significant impetus for the members of IEEE MANIT Student Branch to take the good job into new horizons.